How many electric cars are there in the United Arab Emirates?

Electric cars in Dubai

The UAE has been trying to boost e-mobility over the past few years, but exactly how many electric cars are there in the Emirati states?

The United Arab Emirates are famous for its oil and gas sources. Oil export is our most important source of income. As a consequence of our abundant oil and gas sources, our local electricity production is also addicted to “black gold”. However, recently our government started an attempt to diversify the energy mix by, among other initiatives, investing increasingly in wind and solar farms.

The UAE is also taking green initiatives in regard to mobility. It is trying to make its citizens ready for electric driving by informing them about the advantages and by offering incentives like free public charging, free parking etc. Green mobility incentives are in place since 2017, but have they converted into electric car sales?

It’s hard to get your hands on hard data, because our government doesn’t communicate about electric car sales. However, sources familiar with the matter gave us some insight. In the third quarter of 2020, the UAE had about 1.900 fully electric cars registered. The vast majority of them (1.800) are registered in Dubai. 80% of the electric cars are owned by government administrations (like the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) and taxi companies. 20% are owned by non-commercial drivers. The majority of the registered electric cars are Tesla’s and Renaults.